Prevention and Early Treatment Matter

December 25, 2021

You may think that your child only needs the dentist if something goes wrong, such as a toothache, a cracked tooth, or an injury. We are happy to treat emergency patients, but the best approach is to prevent these issues in the first place. Proper prevention and early treatments can spare your child from having to experience unnecessary tooth pain.

As your child grows, you will them to see their pediatrician on a regular basis to make sure they are hitting their milestones and to make sure they are healthy and strong. You should also be taking your children to a dentist. Most dental insurances provide two visits per year for your child at usually a low or even no additional out-of-pocket cost. Contact your insurance provider to verify this before your pediatric dental appointment. During these appointments, we remove hardened plaque from your little one’s teeth. Our pediatric dentist also examines them to make sure they are cavity and infection free. We will also make sure their teeth are spaced correctly in their mouth to determine if orthodontics will be required.